Technology & Engineering

雷速体育都是在哪投注的Arduino is a hands-on introduction to electrical engineering through the Arduino microcontroller. Students will create simple machines and electronic devices with programmed behaviors. The first few weeks of the course will serve as a bootcamp-style introduction to the C programming language used by Arduino. The middle portion of the course will focus on building distinct components into a circuit and programming those components to utilize input and output. In the last portion of the course, students explore an in-depth project such as a robotic arm or self-driving car. A prior course in computer science is helpful but not required.

Digital Art Studio with Adobe Suite
Students in this course are introduced to the technical skills and aesthetic understanding of digital art. Using the Adobe CS5 suite toolset, students learn techniques to create projects that match their individual interests.

Digital Audio I & II
雷速体育都是在哪投注的This course focuses on current computer technology and technical skills related to music recording, creation, and production using hardware and software tools such as Garage Band, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools. Students learn techniques to create audio projects that meet their individual needs.

Digital Film / Video
雷速体育都是在哪投注的This course is used to familiarize students with different aspects of composing videos to express their voice. They learn pre-production, scripting, shooting and editing techniques which they can apply to a variety of videos such as commercials, documentaries, promotions, and broadcasting.

Digital Video II
This hands-on, advanced course will deepen students' understanding of cinema and video, camera technique, storytelling, and editing. Fundamentals of filmmaking are explored deeper including use of a camera, composition, lighting, sound and editing. The main objective of this course is to examine and showcase the creative, conceptual, and theoretical decisions made in visual-driven filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production. Suggested academic preparation could include Digital Video/Film.

Industrial Design

Not Offered for the 2020-21 Academic Year

雷速体育都是在哪投注的industrial design is a process of creating and problem solving through the conceptualization of products. students will design and render manufactured items, using rapid prototyping to find solutions. projects are taken from concept to completion via a multi-stage process starting with conceptual drawings using traditional and digital tools, through prototypes developed using 3d printing and laser cutting technologies, with a consideration for ergonomics and functionality. suggested academic preparation could include adobe illustrator, digital 3d (like maya), 2d art, digital art studio, or approval of the instructor.

Industrial Fabrication
Industrial Fabrication allows students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and design skills while engaged in unique projects. This course is a hands-on exploration of the application of trade skills and concepts, including woodworking, metal fabrication, and fiberglass. Students will master a series of skills and tool-safety procedures, and will then undertake projects of their own choosing.

Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Science serves as a first course in computer science. This course empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. The course takes a wide lens by covering topics such as hardware, computer architecture, programming, physical computing, and the internet. The course inspires students as they build their own websites, apps, games, and physical computing devices. The course will be run using’s CS Discoveries course as a framework, with additional activities incorporated throughout the year.

Introduction to Digital 3D
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Introduction to Digital 3D students acquire the modeling skills and knowledge necessary to create characters and landscapes for animation in Maya software. Concepts covered include polygonal modeling, lighting, rigging, rendering, and prototyping.

Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Engineering gives students the opportunity to solve authentic challenges by applying the strategies and processes used by real engineers. Within the Wasatch Academy Engineering Arts Center, students will design, build, prototype, and refine solutions to design challenges. Students will develop their innovation and creativity, become familiar with the practices of design, employ the design process to solve problems, work within collaborative teams, and communicate their results and products. Students will gain exposure to several specific fields of engineering including Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. As a project-based and experiential course, students are expected to communicate their learning through verbal presentation.

Programming in Python
Programming in Python is intended for students who have some basic experience with the principles and concepts in computer programming. The focus of this course is on applying basic programming ideas to manipulate and visualize data structures. Topics include variables, assignment, functions, control flow, types, lists, dictionaries, and visualization libraries. After gaining fluency with the basic tools of Python, an emphasis will be placed on algorithmic thinking in the context of working with data. Students may explore introductory ideas in data science and machine learning if time permits. No previous Python experience is required. Suggested academic preparation could include Computer Science I/Introduction to Computer Science, Arduino, or instructor approval.

In Robotics, students design, build, and program a robot to compete in the First Tech Challenge series. Students focus on the mechanics involved in robotics including motion, wheel-base design, steering, elevating, throwing, sensory input, and autonomy. Students build their robots using prefabricated aluminum and plastic components. Robots are equipped with batteries, motors, sensors, lights, and other moving parts. Robots are programmed for autonomous-control and driver-control them using the FTC Java API. Students with expertise in CAD or Java are encouraged to enroll. Suggested academic preparation could include Arduino, Computer Science (any level), Illustrator, 3D Animation, or approval of instructor.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的Rocketry is a semester-long course designed for students with an interest in aerospace engineering or related fields. This course first focuses on building kit rockets to gain an understanding of rocket construction and functionality. Students will then simulate rockets with the help of modeling software and build their next model rockets from scratch. Once students grasp the basics of modeling and rocket development, they will be able to design multi-stage rockets, high-power rockets, and rockets with alternate recovery systems. Students who complete semester 1 will have an option to compete in the Team America Rocketry Competition, a national competition sponsored by some of the leaders in the aerospace industry.

Web Design with Javascript
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Web Design focuses on the skills and knowledge required to build modern web pages. Students will learn the basic concepts and structures of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After gaining some fluency for web design, students will build their own interactive web page. Specific skills explored include input and output, animation, user-experience, and layout. Suggested academic preparation could include Computer Science I/Introduction to Computer Science, Arduino, or instructor approval.

Do you like photography? Writing? Editing? Design? The yearbook is the best “job” on campus! Imagine being part of the team that makes the one keepsake that most students will keep for the rest of their lives! Yearbook students get to work together to decide what events and organizations are represented. Handing out the completed book at the end of the year is an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment. Join us! Class size is limited to 12 students. Approval from Mrs. Lee is required (contact her at

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