Staggered Arrival Schedule

To protect the campus community and prevent an outbreak of COVID-19, specific safety procedures will be implemented, including a staggered arrival schedule that begins August 30雷速体育都是在哪投注的. This schedule will allow for more manageable numbers of students on campus at a time, allowing for COVID-19 screening/testing protocols, and up to two weeks for modified self-quarantines if needed. Working with our local health department, we have the capability to test all students/faculty and have results within 36-48 hours.

  • August 30-31雷速体育都是在哪投注的—International Students, Credit Recovery Students, Fall Sport Athletes, and Leadership Training Students. Activities for this group (orientation, practices, training, courses, etc.) will begin September 3-4.

  • September 6—Domestic students who fly to campus.

  • September 10—Domestic and day students who drive雷速体育都是在哪投注的 to campus.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的all students will have a self-isolation period as we await test results (36-48 hours).

Fall Semester

The Fall 2020 Semester will consist of both in-person classroom and online instruction beginning September 14 and finishing December 5. The Thanksgiving break will be canceled to limit travel; however, an extended winter break will be from December 6 to January 24. Following winter break, the second semester will begin January 25.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的wasatch academy is committed to engaging and supporting your child through both structured academic and advisory programs, and extra-curricular activities monday through friday. as we continue to monitor the covid-19 situation both in utah and around the country, our robust weekend recreation program may be modified with a hybrid recreation schedule. more information will be provided as we approach the start of the academic year.

COVID-19 Response Credit Recovery

雷速体育都是在哪投注的wasatch academy will provide free credit recovery courses to enrolled students in the core academic content areas (math, english, science, and social studies) during the fall semester, tailored for students to learn at their own pace. the flexibility and structure of these courses will empower wasatch academy students to focus on exactly the skills and knowledge they need to demonstrate mastery, recover lost credits, and stay on course with their peers.    

Campus Safety Precautions

Physical distancing protocols will be in place, including reduced capacity in classrooms and dining facilities, restricted traffic patterns in hallways and wearing of face masks in common indoor areas, including classrooms, and when maintaining a 6-foot distance is not possible outside. For those who do not have a face mask, the school will provide one. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided in every classroom. As one would expect, these guidelines will require some changes to assigned classrooms and student/faculty schedules. We are working with space planning to make the best use of our classrooms and will integrate online learning opportunities.

The Wasatch Academy campus is not unlike a small town. To maintain health and safety on campus, students, faculty and staff will have shared responsibility for maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and keeping classrooms, dorm rooms, and office spaces clean. Training will be required for all members of our campus community. We are working with the Utah Department of Health and will provide free testing when students arrive on campus and throughout the year.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的wasatch academy monitors federal and state recommendations and consults with medical experts. our aim is to consider the latest information and covid-19 policies with thoughtfulness and care, and to anticipate evolving challenges while protecting the health and wellbeing of our campus community.