Performing Arts & Music Essentials

Dance Technique I
雷速体育都是在哪投注的This course will focus on exploring the foundations of ballet and modern dance. It will also include study in improvisation, choreography, anatomy and dance history. This is a fun, challenging, active course emphasizing all aspects of the art of dance. Daily class activities will include focus on form and technique, strength and flexibility conditioning, playing with expression through movement, choreography and performance preparation. Students will participate in exhibitions of learning, such as performances, throughout the semester and may work collaboratively with other departments. This course is intended to set a strong foundation in technique while allowing the dancer to develop personal movement style and explore a variety of interests in the world of dance. The main assessments for this class include projects, choreography, performances and weekly observations of student work. Students are also expected to articulate their personal philosophy of dance and desired path within the discipline. The projects will be discussed on an ongoing basis and will be based on individual and group skill level and interests.

This course explores the history, traditions, and techniques of theatre. Students will master stage directions and the fundamentals of stagecraft. The course focuses particularly on character motivation and the Stanislavski acting method. Students complete the process of auditioning, rehearsing, and producing a full length play each semester.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的This course emphasizes instruction, study, and practice in various styles of guitar performance for students new to the guitar. The course content varies to adapt to the individual skill level and musical interests of students.

International Percussion
The International Percussion class is designed for all students regardless of ability or experience. This course develops beginning to advanced-level performance skills on various instruments of the percussion family, including both melodic and non-melodic instruments. The skills developed in this class will include beginning to advanced music fundamentals, drumming techniques, music interpretation, aural skills, note and rhythm reading, sight-reading, ensemble and solo skills. In addition to learning techniques on buckets, students will work with various drums from many different cultures including djembes, cojons, tubanos, and timbaus. Students in International Percussion Ensemble are expected to participate in at least one evening concert each semester as well as other performance opportunities throughout the school year as part of their summative grade.

Orchestra offers instruction for students new to the violin, viola, cello, and double bass with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term success. Fundamentals stressed include proper position and posture, development of characteristic tone quality and training in music literacy. The school has instruments available for students who don’t have their own. Orchestra is open to any student wanting to learn a string instrument for the first time. Students in Orchestra will perform at least twice a year.

Music Theory
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Music Theory introduces the basics of music theory. This course is designed to introduce students to music theory. Topics include notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, beginning level melodic and rhythmic dictation, ear-training and sight singing skills.

This class is open to all students regardless of level or experience. Beginner piano students, as well as Intermediate and Advanced piano students, are encouraged to join. Beginning piano students focus on piano basics, and skills such as sight reading, theory, ear training, memorization, technique, and performance are developed throughout the course for Intermediate and Advanced students. Through music learning, students may also explore ethnic heritage, composers, music history, and other subjects of personal interest while working on their piano methods and technique. Students may complete piano levels one through six in the Piano Marvel, working individually and also with piano duets. Each student is expected to perform on the piano either in class, a larger concert, or all-school venue.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的Songwriting provides students with a solid background in the art and craft of songwriting. Students will study the elements of songwriting: lyrics, rhythm, melody, harmony, and song structure. Students will work on their original compositions through a series of group and solo activities.

Vocal Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble explores choral and vocal ensemble music from a wide variety of cultures and time periods through study and performance. The core curriculum emphasizes the basics of vocal technique, healthy singing, proper diction, music theory and music history. Students in Vocal Ensemble are expected to participate in at least one evening concert each semester as well as other performance opportunities throughout the school year as part of their summative grade.

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