Meeting the Challenges—Together

Thursday, June 4, 2020

dear wasatch community,

the world is at a turning point. in the wake of these last few months, the country and the globe have witnessed a variety of tragedies. from the scourge of pandemic to the horrific, senseless deaths of ahmaud arbery, breonna taylor, george floyd, and others at the hands of brutality and prejudice, recent events have exposed many daunting rifts within core tenets of our society.

rarely throughout history do we experience moments like these that demand so much. moments that demand some of our most visceral emotions—loss, anger, frustration, sorrow—but also our most powerful responsibilities. our responsibilities to act and to lead.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的community lies at the heart of the wasatch academy mission statement. whether it is fostering lifelong relationships between classmates or bringing students from across the world to engage in scholarship, we are dedicated to bridging divides and shaping the future, together.

wasatch academy itself operates from a unique vantage point. located more than 100 miles from any civil unrest or violence and in a well-equipped city with zero cases of covid-19, our school is fortunate to function in extraordinary safety. and while we, unlike many other locations across the country, may enjoy this luxury, it comes with responsibility.

as our staff, faculty, and students continue to pursue the ideals of a prosperous and equitable society, we are charged with taking full advantage of doing so under an umbrella of protection. it is our duty to raise the next generation of global citizens and leaders who will affect the change and reforms that are desperately needed today from a place of refuge and security.

we do not yet know what the rest of the 21st century holds. but it is certain our students will number greatly among the people who construct the rest of history—a history built by the compassionate, the strong, and the unified; a future designed for equality and the dignity of every human life. wasatch academy pledges its full support, one student at a time.


Joseph Loftin
Head of School

Paul Applegarth
Assistant Head of School for Finance & Facilities

Dr. J Dianne Brederson
Assistant Head of School for Academics

Jim Detjen
Assistant Head of School for Brand Marketing & Communications

Ty Kennedy
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Assistant Head of School for Student Life

Dr. Kara Loftin
Assistant Head of School for Academic Support