Learning Center (Fee-Based)

Academic Coaching
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Academic Coaching features a 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio, receiving direct instruction on identified executive function skills; brain-based skills that individuals need to effectively solve problems and execute tasks. Skills include: prioritization, sustained attention, organization, task initiation, response inhibition, flexibility, meta­cognition, and more. Academic Coaching is offered as a two, three, or five-day per week program, depending on the student’s need or request. It is ideal for students who have chronically underachieved as learners, with or without diagnosed learning differences. The program is not content-specific tutoring. It is explicit 1:1 instruction on skills necessary for lifelong success. These newly acquired and developing skills are applied in the current academic tasks asked of the student.

Customized Learning Plan
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Many students choose to create their own type of academic support program to reflect their individual needs. Our Learning Services program allows students to integrate chosen aspects of the above Learning Services to formulate an academic support program custom-tailored to their specific needs. Fee: Dependent upon services requested.

English Language Learner (ELL) Academic Coaching
This program is suited to ESL students looking for 1:1 personalized academic coaching for building executive function skills and English second language skills. The fully accredited ELL teacher/academic coach provides individualized support for building these skill sets, and can also provide additional training in preparation for the TOEFL proficiency exam.

Learning Strategies Intensive
Ideal for students who can learn in a small environment, our Learning Strategies Intensive consists of a 4:1 student-to-specialist ratio. Featuring curriculum that focuses on self-regulation, note taking, test preparation and time management, the Learning Strategies Intensive is ideal for students who have a perceived but not documented gap in ability and performance and/or below average grades. This class is the ideal solution for students who have transitioned from a non-traditional academic setting and who wish to improve general study skills.

Targeted Learning Support
Our Targeted Learning Support program specifically addresses the reading, writing, and/or math needs of a student, incorporating programs such as Wilson Language Training, Fast Forward, and Plato Learning into their support strategy. Targeted Learning Support has a student-to-specialist ratio of 1:1 or 2:1, with direct instruction from a learning services specialist. Emphasizing these academic skills along with enrollment in the Learning Strategies class or Academic Coaching option are hallmarks of this program. Students benefiting from Targeted Learning Support include those with an existing Individualized Education Plan, or 504, and a diagnosed learning disability.

Wilson Reading System
The Wilson Reading System is delivered 1:1 student-to-specialist and consists of intensive structured literacy instruction which is necessary due to a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia. We consider ourselves at Wasatch among boarding schools for dyslexia that are fully equipped to help students succeed. The program is based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles. The Wilson Reading System provides a prescribed sequence of multisensory instruction that explicitly teaches the structure of the English language. The WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test) and the WADE (Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding) tests are used to determine placement in the program and are administered on site.

Questions? We invite you to contact the Registrar by phone at (435) 462-1425 or email for personalized guidance to support you in the college admissions process.