Kinesthetic Arts

雷速体育都是在哪投注的Bouldering class will teach you all about indoor and outdoor bouldering. Rock climbing with no ropes 10-15ft tall boulders with a protective crash pad to catch your fall. This class will focus on rock climbing movement skills, mental skills for performance, training plan development and implementation for strategic improvement as a rock climber. Students will have the option to compete in 1-2 regional climbing competitions if interested. If you want to become a good rock climber join this club. New skills you will learn: movement on boulders, protecting yourself while bouldering, problem-solving skills, mindfulness practices, competition skills, route developing skills, outdoor bouldering vs indoor bouldering and many more.

Introduction to Rock Climbing
雷速体育都是在哪投注的This course introduces students to the basic technical skills associated with rock climbing. The appropriate student has little to no rock climbing experience and is led through a gentle progression of technical skills in single-day excursions. Emphasis is placed on climbing at indoor and outdoor top-rope climbing sites, indoor bouldering and risk management in various climbing sites. Students are introduced to basic knot tying skills, belaying techniques, signals, movement technique, vocabulary and language in rock climbing and various disciplines within rock climbing. In addition, students are asked to consider risk management, problem-solving, and decision making in the development of these skills. Students will leave this course successfully having an understanding of the necessary skills to safely top rope rock climb.

Rock Climbing II

rock climbing ii will introduce students to intermediate and advanced technical skills in the world of rock climbing. students will learn how to safely lead climb and belay, build natural and artificial anchors (gear placement, bolt protected, natural protection), risk management in the outdoor lead climbing setting. students will also explore and experiment with both physical and mental training to help improve their rock climbing performance. students by the end of the course will be expected to lead climb, build their own anchors, and write reflections on training and fill out this daily course log to assess the accomplishment of their goals. this course will utilize both indoor climbing space and technical outdoor terrain. suggested preparation includes rock climbing i or instructor approval.

This course is designed to introduce students in a safe and accessible way to the basic postures, breathing techniques, relaxation methods and disciplines of yoga. Students will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as they relieve built up stress, learn to relax, and build strength in the mind and body.

A portion of this course will be dedicated to exploring and engaging in mindfulness practices with the goal to increase students self-awareness and self-regulatory skills. Students will not only practice the physical movement skills of yoga but also learn and engage with the dynamic history of yoga, mindfulness practices, and the philosophies of yogic traditions. The aim of this course is to promote vibrant health, grow participants proprioception (body awareness) and build a strong foundation for self-care.

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