Fine Arts

Introductory 2D Art
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Introductory 2D Art strives to provide each student with a solid foundational understanding of painting, drawing, and artistic critique/discussion. We explore and apply the elements and principles of design to each of these areas, as well as basic art history and creative theory.

Advanced 2D Art
Advanced 2D Art reinforces the elements and principles of design, as well as essential movements, styles, and historical contexts of painting and drawing. We use each student's existing understanding of these foundational areas to create a portfolio of work that exceeds basic execution and refines their skills further while facilitating personal aesthetics.

Advanced Art Portfolio
Emerging artists focus on creating a variety of artworks as part of individual art portfolios for Advanced Placement Studio Art and/or for college applications in this class. Students participate in at least one group project. Art shows on the road and visits to artists’ studios serve to both instruct and inspire.

Introduction to Ceramics
Beginning ceramic students focus on the elements and techniques used in working with clay to make both functional and decorative pieces. Students develop skills in hand-building and wheel-thrown pottery. Techniques learned include coils, slab, pinch, and wheel construction.

Advanced Ceramics
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Students build on their developing skills learned in Intro Ceramics. An emphasis is placed on aesthetic design and form, as students further improve individuality and personal expression in their work. Students have the opportunity to work on both hand-building and wheel-thrown construction.

Mixed Media
Students in this course explore the process of visual creativity through the use of mixed media while focusing on foundational 2-Dimensional art techniques and the Elements and Principles of Design as they relate to drawing, painting, and design.

Students explore all aspects of the photo making process including the basic functions of a camera, darkroom techniques, digital photography, basic Photoshop, and alternative processes in photography. An emphasis is placed on composition and design while utilizing the Elements and Principles of Design.

雷速体育都是在哪投注的The course explores how to pull multiple original print impressions using a variety of print techniques such as: relief, monotype, and intaglio. Students learn how to make handmade paper using recycled materials and actively use the elements and principles of design to create dynamic prints on paper.

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