Academic Support

How our students deal with stress and anxiety affect their academics, social, and emotional lives. This course is designed to teach and help develop the tools to recognize the source of stress/anxiety and utilize adaptive means to cope in order to continue to engage in the daily functions of life. With the utilization of a curriculum based upon Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), yoga, and Learning to Breathe students will develop adaptive coping skills moving past their anxiety with more confidence and determination to tackle new tasks and opportunities. The curriculum focuses on mindfulness, values, fusion, and self-perspective taking. Instructor approval is required.

Social Skills
This course is designed to support students in the development of social skills to help them make and keep friends. Throughout the 16-week evidence-based course, the students will be taught important skills paired with multiple daily opportunities to practice the skills in-vivo and in natural contexts. The skills focused on will help students navigate how to handle disagreements, bullying, planning get-togethers, how to use humor and choosing appropriate friends. The course focuses on the development of these skills rather than the knowledge of the skills leading to behavioral change helping the student engaging in more social opportunities. Social Skills curriculum uses the PEERS curriculum (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills). Instructor approval is required.

Study Skills/Test Preparation
This course is designed to help students prepare for and succeed in taking college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT. The course will focus on helping students know how to study for the exams, learning test-taking techniques, and taking mock exams. Additionally, the course will help students learn to manage their test-taking anxiety and know how to manage their time resulting in increased scores and test success. Instructor approval is required.

Transitions for Life
雷速体育都是在哪投注的Transitions for Life is a semester long course designed for Seniors as they prepare for College and the Workforce. This discussion-based course will include activities to boost social, emotional and academic skills. Students will: envision long-term life goals while creating a reasonable course for reaching them; build social-emotional skills for handling academic pressure and avoiding senioritis; develop teamwork, collaboration and other "employable" skills; address aspects of financial literacy and planning; practice responsible decision making for independent living. Classroom instruction is focused on helping students to develop practical life skills.

Questions? We invite you to contact the Registrar by phone at (435) 462-1425 or email雷速体育都是在哪投注的 for personalized guidance to support you in the college admissions process.